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Our Services include:

  • Onsite Maintanence and Repairs
  • Emergency & Replacement Hose Assembly Service
  • Cylinder Reconditioning & Repair
  • Hydraulic Pump & Motor Repairs
  • Repair of Lorry Mounted Loaders
  • System Design and installation
  • Fully Stocked Sales counter

With the wide variety of services that Direct Hydraulics Ltd offers, you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for. The highly trained personnel at Direct Hydraulics Ltd, are capable of developing and installing a wide range of Hydraulic systems. We have the ability to add value based on your needs. Some of our services are listed below.

Hydraulic System Redesign of Existing Equipment.

If a complete new custom hydraulic system won't work for your companies needs try our hydraulic redesign of your existing equipment. This is more economical, reduces down time, and allows you to use parts from your existing hydraulic system. Direct Hydraulics Ltd can redesign, make modifications for new additional functions or options, and complete hydraulic power unit and hydraulic component rebuild capabilities. We'll not only repair and overhaul your hydraulic components, but report to you what went wrong and how you can keep the parts from wearing the same way again.

Hydraulic System Design and Custom Built Power Units.

Direct Hydraulics Ltd is dedicated to designing custom built hydraulic power units that will operate reliably in difficult environments. Custom hydraulic systems designed to meet your specific requirements. The Direct Hydraulics Ltd engineers will work with you in designing a system to meet your operational needs as well as your financial needs. No matter what type of business your in, Waste Handling, Manufacturing, Mining, Steel Mills, Steel Fabrication, Material Handling, Marine Applications, and all other forms of Manufacturing, Direct Hydraulics Ltd is your one stop for all your hydraulic needs.

A Wide Range of Power Units.

Direct Hydraulics Ltd can build a custom hydraulic power unit to fit your power needs as well as your available space needs. Direct Hydraulics offers power units from basic, mini power units up to fully designed and built systems.

Skilled Engineers.

No hydraulic power unit is too big or to small for the Direct Hydraulics Ltd skilled hydraulic engineers. Every Direct Hydraulics hydraulic power unit is built by an Direct Hydraulics Technician in house. Years of experience in power unit assembly as well as the latest technology, will assure efficient, trouble-free operation.

Minimum "Downtime"

Direct Hydraulics has years of experience and understands that our customers need fast and reliable service. This means that we can satisfy your toughest requirements. With Direct Hydraulics you can depend on prompt, on-time delivery with even the shortest "downtime".

Direct Hydraulics Service Quality Promise

Prior to delivery, Direct Hydraulics will conduct a full hydraulic system test, to assure proper assembly, manufacturing defects, and customer specification. You can be sure that every power unit is tested and system is set to operating pressure before it is delivered. Also every power unit is coated with a durable primer and finished with enamel, single-part epoxy, or customer specific paint.

Hydraulic System and Component Testing

Direct Hydraulics tests every hydraulic system and every hydraulic component after repair or manufacture. The Direct Hydraulics workshop allows for prompt and accurate repair, as well as assurance that every system or component leaving our shop is in operating condition.

Hydraulic System Installation and On-Site Services

Direct Hydraulics offers the most reliable, dependable, and trouble-free hydraulic system installation. All new custom hydraulic power units have the option to have Direct Hydraulics professionally install the system on site, with full system pressure ratings, certifications, drawings etc. Direct Hydraulics believes that keeping our customers in production is a key element in our success.

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